A flying start

With work on our new production hall still in full swing, we were pleased recently to be able to help Shell with a rush job. During a production pause at the multinational’s Pernis facility, various bends on an installation had to be quickly replaced. Given their specific technical demands, all these bends had to be formed by means of induction bending. Flexibility, a quick delivery time and the necessary expertise – “These guys know what they are doing” – gave Shell the confidence to award the job to Van Rijsoort Induction.

Moreover, we also fulfilled an order from IHC, who asked us to bend tubes for ship fenders. The tubes had a wall thickness of 16mm and had to be bent to an angle of 90° with a radius of 1,314mm, not a millimetre more or a millimetre less! These are now an exact fit with the ships in IHC’s existing fleet, ensuring that they remain fit-for-purpose for a long time to come.

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