Induction bending from 2″ to 30″ diameter, with radii varying from 2D to 12,000mm

We use the most modern and accurate bending machine in Europe.

Heat treatment

We offer all forms of heat treatment, up to 1,200°C, continuously monitored and always accompanied by a full annealing report.

Edge prepping for welds

Using our advanced machine we can provide edge preparation for welds, to meet every customer requirement.

Destructive and non-destructive testing

We can provide destructive and non-destructive testing, according to any desired specification or standard.

Delivery of materials

We have the in-house expertise to procure the right materials for your project.

Surface treatment and coatings

We can blast all types of materials and apply any coating system, both internally and externally.

Packaging and transport

Total packaging and transport solutions for all your needs. Worldwide by road, water or by air.

Engineering and advice

If you need help with engineering drawings, we’ll be only too happy to support you during the design phase.

Cold bending of tubes, sections and plates

With Europe’s most powerful cold bending machines, we can bend a large variety of tubes, sections and plates.

Induction bending can open countless doors

What is induction bending?

Induction bending is a process that makes it possible to bend any material that conducts electricity. The tube is placed in the machine, with the front end of the tube being gripped in the pivoting-arm clamp. Using a so-called inductor, the induction-heating system then heats a narrow band of the tube to the desired temperature. On reaching the correct temperature, the tube is forced through the inductor at a constant speed until the required bending angle is achieved. To guarantee uniform heating and speed and eliminate the risk of cracking or overheating, the temperature is computer controlled and monitored via infrared cameras.

Why use induction bending?

Induction bending offers several advantages. Using induction bending, we can bend anything and everything that is straight, from very small and light products to very large and heavy ones. In contrast to cold bending, induction bending offers unlimited possibilities.

  • Any and every required bending angle and radius is possible.
  • A larger radius reduces pressure loss and back-flow.
  • There is no need for welds between bends (saving on welding and NDT costs) “Cost-saving designs”.
  • Induction bends are stronger than conventional bends.
  • Small dimensional deviations and tolerances are possible.
  • It can be customised to any design and application.
  • Much shorter production lead-times are possible, compared to the use of fittings.
  • It facilitates leaner, meaner and cleaner designs.

Thanks to our precision machine and the commitment of our employees, we can provide what you need to bring your project to a successful conclusion.

We are certified according to:

ISO 9001 2015
Lloyds certified for re-stamping material