District heating
  • We can coordinate your entire project – from the design phase.
  • You’ll have a single point of contact, who will know everything about your project.
  • If required, we can also assume responsibility for procuring the required materials.
  • J-tubes for wind farms.
  • Weld-saving bends in pipes used in power stations.
  • Familiar with material-specific heat-treatment and testing processes.
Oil, gas & hydrogen (on-offshore)
  • Jackets for platforms.
  • Transport pipelines for gas, hydrogen and oil.
  • Experience with bending materials such as X52/60/65/70.
  • We are familiar with (super) duplex and clad pipes.
Petrochemical industry
  • Single bend delivery is possible.
  • You tell us when you need bending work done and we’ll adapt to make it possible.
  • We are familiar with all norms and requirements pertaining to safety and quality in the petrochemical industry.
  • We can coordinate the necessary inspections.
  • Extensive experience with bending profiles, plates and tubes (including cold bending under the name Van Rijsoort Bending).
  • We can also provide drilling and welding services.
  • Any and every desired shape and size.
  • Curved tubes with tight radii.
  • Weld-saving bends in tubes with large wall thicknesses.
  • Fast delivery times.

We are certified according to:

ISO 9001 2015
Lloyds certified for re-stamping material