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03 December
Local bending saves both time and money

A ship is constructed from many different parts, each of which is important and its manufacture c...

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26 November
Certified bending

A common application for the induction bending of tubes is in pipelines, such as those used to tr...

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14 November
Induction bending comes to the Netherlands

After intensive preparations we’ll be starting induction-bending operations before the end of thi...

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14 November
Europe’s most modern

There is a time for modesty, but sometimes you should just be proud of what you are capable of. O...

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13 November
Committed professionals

Off to a flying start and with the right professionals in-house from day one. How many companies ...

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13 November

It goes without saying that Van Rijsoort Induction has ISO 9001 and Lloyd’s Registry approval. Fu...

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26 September
A flying start

With work on our new production hall still in full swing, we were pleased recently to be able to ...

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05 September
National steel construction day

Demonstrating our bending and induction capabilities, Van Rijsoort will be present at the “Nation...

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28 May
A solid foundation

It all started with the first pile, then came another 234 piles. Now it’s time for the solid conc...

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12 April
New phase in induction bending

Our announcement that we will offer hot- in addition to cold-bending services has been welcomed b...

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08 November
Coming soon to Van Rijsoort: induction bending!

From year’s end 2019, Van Rijsoort will again be offering induction bending. Many years after ind...

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We are certified according to:

ISO 9001 2015
Lloyds certified for re-stamping material