Local bending saves both time and money

A ship is constructed from many different parts, each of which is important and its manufacture calls for specific expertise. The challenge faced by a shipbuilder is to get all the necessary parts to the shipyard from the right supplier, according to the desired specifications, on time and within budget.

Until recently, when the induction bending of tubes was required, companies had to look to Poland, for example. Thankfully, that is no longer the case. Now that induction bending is back in the Netherlands, this type of bending work can be sourced locally, saving both time and money.

For one of our clients we provided several 8” bends with a radius of 789mm in P355N material. As a regular customer of Van Rijsoort Bending for the cold-bending of pipes, the shipbuilder is glad that he can now also go to Klaaswaal for induction-bending services. Previously, it was necessary to cross the Netherlands’ border for bends with such a tight radius.

The bends in question are destined to be used in the construction of five electrically powered ferryboats. These sustainable vessels are to be used to connect opposite banks of the Noordzeekanaal (North Sea Canal). The first of the ferryboats is expected to go into service in the summer of 2021.

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