Committed professionals

Off to a flying start and with the right professionals in-house from day one. How many companies can claim that to be true? We are extremely proud to say that we have a team of professionals with all the specific know-how that induction bending calls for.

Jim Korzelius, Project Coordinator at Van Rijsoort induction: “Together with Wim Polak, Vincent van den Boom and Cees van Gent, it’s been a hugely enjoyable challenge to have been involved with Van Rijsoort Induction from the very beginning. We were determined to get everything as optimum as possible from the outset; from the composition of the team and the specification of the new bending machine’s technical requirements, to the configuration of our new production hall.

The demands imposed by induction bending are substantial. Everything – and I mean everything – must be exactly right, the optimum combination of man and machine. While working for Fabricom, Heijmans, ABB, Shell and BP I acquired a great deal of relevant knowledge, which I was able to put to good use when helping to set up Van Rijsoort Induction. It’s a fantastic project to be so closely involved in and I’m really looking forward to getting started properly in our new production facility.”

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We are certified according to:

ISO 9001 2015
Lloyds certified for re-stamping material