Induction bending

✔ Heat treatments up to 1400°C
✔ Stronger than standard bends
✔ Customization for every design and application

Induction pipe bending is a reliable way of getting exactly the shapes needed for your project. Bending by induction can be used in projects for district heating, oil, gas & hydrogen (onshore and offshore), energy, petrochemical industry, construction and ship building At Van Rijsoort Induction we use a variety of machines, with which we can bend a large variety of tubes, plates and sections. We can help you in almost all cases, because of our versatile machines which are the biggest in Europe.

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Induction pipe bending for entire projects

Because we are such a versatile partner, we can deliver everything according to your stipulated specifications. This means that next to bending by induction, we deliver your pipes with welding preparation and restamped. Do you need any help with technical drawings? Or do you want to partner up for an entire project? We will get the job done. Make sure to read more about our bending capacities and the different products we can deliver with our induction pipe bending techniques.

The extensive bending possibilities

In our workshop the possibilities are endless. With knowledgeable professionals and extensive machinery, we can bend any metal pipe and make induction tube bending accessible. Next to bending we offer additional services, such as:

  • Welding preparation
  • Restamping

The advantages of bending by induction

At Van Rijsoort Induction we use the most advanced and accurate bending machine in Europe. We can bend pipes from 2” to 30” with a radius of 2D to 12.000 millimeter. Induction bending holds many advantages over the alternatives, such as:

  • Almost any desired bending angle and radius possible.
  • Larger radius results in less pressure loss and recoil (flow).
  • Welding savings between bends, so no welding and NDT costs.
  • Stronger than weld bends.

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Are you interested in the possibilities of our induction pipe bending services? Are you convinced bending by induction is the solution you are looking for in your project? Whether you are active in in district heating, oil, gas & hydrogen (onshore and offshore), energy, petrochemical industry, construction and ship building, at Van Rijsoort Induction we can make your project a success. Make sure to get in touch with us today. You can contact us by calling +31(0)186-572 822 or by sending an email to We will happily come up with solutions for your next project.

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