Induction bending services

✔ Heat treatments up to 1400°C
✔ Stronger than standard bends
✔ Customization for every design and application

For many projects, induction bending services are the right solution. Van Rijsoort Induction is an induction bending company that offers many different services. We can assist you with bending pipes for projects such as district heating, oil, gas & hydrogen (onshore and offshore), energy, petrochemical industry, construction and ship building. At our company we offer versatile induction bending services and even complete project management. We can assist you throughout your entire project. Make sure to read on to discover how we can help you.

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Discover our induction bending services

As a dedicated family company, we have specialized in cold and induction bending, but we offer many more services. We are able to deliver everything according to your specifications. All possibilities are clearly summarized in our bending capacities overview. Whether you work in the district heating, ship building or construction, we can help you achieve your plans with our induction bending services. Even when you need help creating technical drawings, we can assist you perfectly.

Why choose for bending by induction?

Bending by induction has many advantages compared to other bending techniques. At Van Rijsoort Induction, we use the most advanced and accurate bending machine in Europe. All heat treatments up to 1400°C are continuously monitored and always provided with a full report. Induction bending offers, amongst others, the following advantages:

  • Very small dimensional deviations and tolerances.
  • Customization for every design and every application.
  • Much shorter production time compared to welding bends.
  • “Leaner, meaner and cleaner” designs.

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Next to bending services, we also offer additional services such as welding preparation and restamping. This makes us an all-round partner in your upcoming project. Are you interested in induction bending or the other services our company provides for your industry? Make sure to get in touch today. You can contact us by calling +31(0)186-572 822 or by sending an email to We offer solutions for every kind of project. Get in touch and we will happily discuss the possibilities for your project.

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